Role: VFX Supervisor with Chicken Bone FX

Supervised the team of 2D and 3D artists at Chicken Bone FX, and worked with the production side VFX team to deliver 249 shots over 6 episodes, with most of the work on 206 and 208. The work ran the gamut from simple paint and cleanup fixes, to matte painted backgrounds, day for night conversions, CG set extensions and crowds, to extended battle sequences with CG swords, arrows, crossbow bolts, blood sprays, decapitations and trenches filled with fire.

I was among those nominated for an Emmy for Episode 208 – “Rock-A-Bye”.

Episode 208 won a VES award – Outstanding supporting visual effects in a photoreal episode.

Show side VFX team:
VFX Supervisor: Chris Wright
VFX Producer: Parker Chehak

Chicken Bone FX:
VFX Supervisor: Sam O’Hare
VFX Producer: Katherine Soares